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PluginXine::cXineLib Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  eNeedsScaling { no = 0, yes, shq }

Public Member Functions

virtual void Action (void)
bool checkConnect ()
bool checkXineVersion ()
void Close ()
void CloseWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, cWindow *Window)
void CloseWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, int Window)
void CommitWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, cWindow *Window, const bool optimize=true)
 cXineLib (cPlugin *const plugin, const cXineSettings &settings, cMutex &osdMutex, cXineRemote *const remote)
void disconnect ()
void enableExternal (const bool enable=true)
bool execFuncClear (int n)
bool execFuncDelay (int usDelay)
bool execFuncDiscontinuity ()
bool execFuncEnd ()
bool execFuncFirstFrame ()
bool execFuncFlush (int TimeoutMs=-1, const bool justWait=false)
bool execFuncGetPTS (int64_t &pts)
bool execFuncGetVersion (int32_t &version)
uchar * execFuncGrabImage (const char *FileName, int &Size, bool Jpeg, int Quality, int SizeX, int SizeY)
bool execFuncMetronom (int64_t pts, uint32_t flags=0)
bool execFuncMute (bool mute=true)
bool execFuncNop ()
bool execFuncOsdDrawBitmap (int window, uint8_t *bitmap, int x, int y, int width, int height, int stride)
bool execFuncOsdFlush ()
bool execFuncOsdFree (int window)
bool execFuncOsdHide (int window)
bool execFuncOsdNew (int window, int x, int y, int width, int height)
bool execFuncOsdSetPosition (int window, int x, int y)
bool execFuncOsdShow (int window)
bool execFuncPlayExternal (const char *const fileName=0)
bool execFuncResetAudio ()
bool execFuncSelectAudio (int channel)
bool execFuncSetColor (int window, int index, eDvbColor color)
bool execFuncSetColor (int window, int index, eDvbColor *const colors, int numColors)
bool execFuncSetColor (int window, int index, int numColors, uint32_t *const colors)
bool execFuncSetPrebuffer (int frames)
bool execFuncSetSpeed (double speed)
bool execFuncSetup ()
bool execFuncSetVideoWindow (int x, int y, int w, int h, int wRef, int hRef)
bool execFuncSetVolume (int volume)
bool execFuncStart ()
bool execFuncStillFrame ()
int execFuncStream (const uchar *Data, int Length)
bool execFuncStream0 (const uchar *Data, int Length)
int execFuncStream1 (const uchar *Data, int Length)
bool execFuncTrickSpeedMode (bool on)
bool execFuncVideoSize (int &videoLeft, int &videoTop, int &videoWidth, int &videoHeight, int &videoZoomX, int &videoZoomY)
bool execFuncWait ()
void ExternalStreamFinished ()
eDvbColor filterAlpha (eDvbColor color)
void flush ()
void freeze (bool doFreeze=true)
int getRemoteFD () const
bool hasNoSignalStream () const
void HideWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, cWindow *Window, bool Hide)
void ignore (bool doIgnore=true)
bool isConnected ()
void MoveWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, cWindow *Window, int x, int y)
bool Open ()
bool OpenWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, cWindow *Window)
void pause (bool doPause=true)
bool Poll (cPoller &Poller, int TimeoutMs=0, const bool special=false)
void ReshowCurrentOSD ()
void ReshowCurrentOSD (const int frameLeft, const int frameTop, const int frameWidth, const int frameHeight, const int frameZoomX, const int frameZoomY)
void SetEventSink (cXineLibEvents *const eventSink)
bool showNoSignal ()
void ShowWindow (cXineOsd *const xineOsd, cWindow *Window)
int xread (int f, void *b, int n)
int xwrite (int f, const void *b, int n)

Public Attributes

in_addr_t m_bindIp
int m_bindPort
string m_fifoDir
string m_fifoNameControl
string m_fifoNameExtControl
string m_fifoNameExtResult
string m_fifoNameRemote
string m_fifoNameResult
string m_fifoNameStream

Private Member Functions

bool bitmapDiffers (const int windowNum, cXineOsd *xineOsd, cBitmap *bitmap, int &x1, int &y1, int &x2, int &y2)
bool clipBitmap (cXineOsd *xineOsd, cBitmap *bitmap, int &x1, int &y1, const int x2, const int y2)
void cloneBitmap (const int windowNum, cBitmap *bitmap, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
int CreateServerSocket (unsigned short port)
void internalPaused (const bool paused)
eNeedsScaling NeedsScaling (const int maxOsdWidth, const int maxOsdHeight, const int videoWidth, const int videoHeight)
bool pushOut (const uchar id=0xff)
int SocketAcceptHelper (int fd)

Private Attributes

int fd_control
int fd_control_serv
int fd_fifo0
int fd_fifo0_serv
int fd_remote
int fd_remote_serv
int fd_result
int fd_result_serv
int m_audioChannel
cMutex m_dataMutex
cMutex m_disconnectMutex
cXineExternal m_external
bool m_frozen
bool m_ignore
cMutex m_ioMutex
bool m_muted
char m_noSignalStreamData [6+0xffff]
long m_noSignalStreamSize
bool m_osdFlushRequired
cMutex & m_osdMutex
bool m_osdWindowVisible [MAXNUMWINDOWS]
bool m_paused
cCondVar m_pausedCondVar
cMutex m_pausedMutex
cPlugin *const m_plugin
const cXineSettingsm_settings
bool m_shutdown
cCondVar m_shutdownCondVar
cMutex m_shutdownMutex
bool m_trickSpeedMode
int m_volume

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file xineLib.h.

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