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PluginXine::cXineSettings Class Reference

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class  cModeParams
class  cZoomParams

Public Types

enum  eAudioMode { audioDolbyOff, audioDolbyOn }
enum  eAutoPrimaryDeviceMode { autoPrimaryDeviceOff, autoPrimaryDeviceOn }
enum  eImage { image4_3 = 0, image16_9 = 1 }
enum  eImageZoom { imageZoomBase = 100, imageZoomMin = 25, imageZoomDefault = 100, imageZoomMax = 400 }
enum  eInteractWithEitScannerMode { interactWithEitScannerOff, interactWithEitScannerOn }
enum  eMonitorGamma { monitorGammaBase = 100, monitorGammaMin = 100, monitorGammaDefault = 123, monitorGammaMax = 250 }
enum  eMonitoringMode { monitoringOnce, monitoringContinuous }
enum  eMuteMode { muteIgnore, muteExecute, muteSimulate }
enum  eOsdMode {
  osdOverlay, osdBlendClipped, osdBlendScaledLQ, osdBlendScaledHQ,
  osdBlendScaledSHQ, osdBlendScaledAuto
enum  eTransparencyMode { transparencyOff, transparencyOn }
enum  eUsageMode { modeLiveTV, modeReplay }
enum  eVolumeMode { volumeIgnore, volumeChangeHW, volumeChangeSW }

Public Member Functions

bool AudioDolbyOn () const
bool AutoPrimaryDevice () const
void Create (cXineSetupPage *const setupPage)
int DefaultGrabSizeX () const
int DefaultGrabSizeY () const
int getCrtGamma () const
const char * GetMainMenuEntry ()
const cModeParamsGetModeParams () const
bool InteractWithEitScanner () const
bool LiveTV () const
eMuteMode MuteMode () const
eOsdMode OsdMode () const
void SelectReplayPrebufferMode (const bool select=true)
void SetBeQuiet (const bool beQuiet)
void SetDefaultGrabSizeX (const int defaultGrabSizeX)
void SetDefaultGrabSizeY (const int defaultGrabSizeY)
void SetSwitchSkin (const bool switchSkin)
bool setupDiffers (const cXineSettings &rhs) const
bool SetupParse (const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool ShallBeQuiet () const
bool ShallSwitchSkin () const
void Store (cXineSetupPage *const setupPage)
bool SupportTransparency () const
void TogglePrebufferMode ()
eVolumeMode VolumeMode () const
const cZoomParamsZoomParams (eImage image) const

Private Member Functions

bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eUsageMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eInteractWithEitScannerMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eTransparencyMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eAutoPrimaryDeviceMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eMonitorGamma &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eMuteMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eVolumeMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eAudioMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)
bool SetupParse (const char *optionName, eOsdMode &optionValue, const char *Name, const char *Value)

Private Attributes

eAudioMode m_audioMode
eAutoPrimaryDeviceMode m_autoPrimaryDeviceMode
bool m_beQuiet
eMonitorGamma m_crtGamma
int m_defaultGrabSizeX
int m_defaultGrabSizeY
eInteractWithEitScannerMode m_interactWithEitScannerMode
m_modeParams [2]
eMuteMode m_muteMode
eOsdMode m_osdMode
bool m_switchSkin
eTransparencyMode m_transparencyMode
eUsageMode m_usageMode
eVolumeMode m_volumeMode
m_zoomParams [2]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file xineSettings.h.

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